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     Welcome to D.M.M.M Arochukwu

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imgOur Curriculum

The curriculum of D.M.M.M Arochukwu School is designed to take care of the Interest of students from all parts of the world. The school operates basically Nigerian curriculum but patterned to suit students from any other Part of the world. 
D.M.M.M Arochukwu School has a high policy on academic standards and its students.

imgOur Mission

Our Mission is to build an exemplary, virile and peace loving college resistant to mediocrity, where morality, character formation, academic excellence and vocation skills acquisition are constantly and passionately prized by all: Teachers, Students and Stakeholders for an enjoyable and empowered tomorrow.


With our team of well trained, dedicated, motivated and experienced teachers, the educat cion of your child is assured.

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Address: Asaga Arochukwu, Abaia State, Nigeria

Tel: +234 (000)(222)(555).


D.M.M.M Arochukwu school were founded by a philanthropist, education for our children who are leaders of tomorrow.